Facebook can be a great resource for advertising your home for sale, and a good  REALTOR will more than likely use resources like Facebook and Twitter to promote your property as well. What you may not know is that if you are a Seller your casual conversation and comments on Facebook could actually weaken your power to negotiate with potential Buyers, and if you are a Buyer your comments could actually keep you from getting the best price on your dream home.

All Buyers are looking for the best “deal” and of course all Sellers want the best price for their home. Buyers have a “Top Dollar” on what they can pay for a home and Sellers have a “Bottom Dollar” that they will take for their home, HOWEVER it is best not to share that information online.  If a buyer were to post online “Just got approved for $150,000 to buy a new home, going house hunting tomorrow”, there is a potential that the post could weaken their negotiation power.   Also, on the other hand if you are a Seller do you really want potential buyers to know that you are in a desperate situation to sell your home by posting “Really need to sell my house, just made an offer on another home”?

Remember Facebook is a small world and what is said on Facebook doesn’t always just stay on Facebook.

Laurie Rushing,
Executive Broker, Trademark Real Estate
Hot Springs, Arkansas